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April 29, 2023
Coroutines in SPARC assembly

February 25, 2023
X macros in D

February 18, 2023
Beautiful Binary Search in D

February 6, 2023
My blog workflow

January 4, 2023
A simple problem that isn’t

July 2, 2022
A verified algorithm for determining the intersection point of two lists in O(1) space

May 21, 2022
Determining the intersection point of two lists in O(1) space

January 30, 2022
On self-modifying executables in Go

Quick notes

Note: these are not as thoroughly researched as the posts above. They’re also more subjective and express stronger opinions. They will more likely than not be rants. You’ve been warned.

January 07, 2024
A Note on Information Hiding and Encapsulation

January 04, 2024
A Note on Binary Search and Overflows




About me

I like to make computers do cool stuff. Learn more.


I use Visual Studio Code to edit the Markdown posts on computers running Linux.

I use Pandoc to convert the posts to HTML.

The publishing “pipeline” is a collection of shell scripts that I run manually.

The monospaced font is Cascadia Code.

The color scheme is based on Solarized.

The site is hosted on GitHub Pages.