About me

If I were a jolly blacksmith
What a happy guy I'd be
I would do all kinds of blacksmith stuff
In my blacksmithery
I would hit the thing
With the other thing
'Till I made a different thing!
If I were a jolly blacksmith!

No, I'm not feeling it
Besides, I'd get filthy
There must be something better

If I were a friendly farmer
Wouldn't that be oh so sweet?
I'd be planting greens and lots of beans
And other things to eat
Then I'd plant some eggs, then a couple pigs
Then a yummy chocolate cake!

No, that's not right
Besides, any moron can plant a cake
I want to be special, needed, liked!
I've got it!

If I were a merry brewer
That would be a grand career
I would pick the grapes and peel the grapes
And stomp them into beer

I don't know how to do anything except be a programmer!